ARCH+ features 25: Éric Lapierre and Thomas Raynaud
Éric Lapierre of Éric Lapierre Architecture and Thomas Raynaud of BuildingBuilding are part of a young generation of European architects who are revisiting some of architecture's key issues.
In the film, Éric Lapierre addresses a variety of questions including the role of the threshold in architecture, the relationship between inside and outside and its significance for issues such as intimacy and hierarchy.
Éric Lapierre considers architecture to be an issue of time and its forms as a process of adjustment to the different needs of the passing epochs: “Our task is to do things which always remain constant in different ways. In other words, we adjust to new needs and to our legitimate striving towards innovation.”

With its 86 logements in Lyon, Éric Lapierre Architecture designed a variable-use residential construction project without apartment corridors, and with its Le Point du Jour Centre for Art in Cherbourg, it has created a building which exists somewhere between demarcation and adaptation.
BuildingBuilding was responsible for buildings including the Centre Pompidou Mobile and the Galileo Pavilion in Buenos Aires, and was also in charge of redesigning the gutted Musée Rimbaud in Charleville-Mézieres.
In discussion: Thomas Raynaud from BuildingBuilding and Éric Lapierre. Both belong to a new generation of architects that has returned to an emphasis on the intellectual potency of form, championing architecture's inherent autonomy. This perspective is a break from decades of architectural discourse dominated by sociological and technological themes.

All pictures courtesy of: David von Becker
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