ARCH+ features 17: Capital(s) London
Marc Frohn, Charlotte Skene Catling,
Maren Harnack
Why does all the land belong to the crown? What does London have to do with Lagos? What is the role played by the triangular relationship between London, Berlin and Moscow? Why are architects escape artists? Why had Mrs Thatcher always been there?
These and many other questions were discussed by Nikolaus Kuhnert and Anh-Linh Ngo as part of the new ARCH+ 209 Kapital(e) London with Charlotte Skene Catling, Marc Frohn and Maren Harnack.

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There is hardly any other city in which architectural practice has been determined to such a degree by precedence, according to Marc Frohn and Charlotte Skene Catling. Using the example of a number of new projects, they demonstrated how a young generation of architects today work within the narrow legal and economic restrictions imposed by a city like London.

Illustrated: Marc Frohn from the FAR Bureau of architects.
Frohn and Catling described their production conditions and tactics, took a close look at the scope which was opened up to them despite the limitations and asked how their potential could be exploited. They loosely allocate their urban "escape strategies" to three categories: temporary, invisible or exterritorial.

Illustrated: Charlotte Skene Catling presents the temporary project "Folly for a Flyover" below an A 12 motorway flyover, which provided the backdrop for a six-week program of performances, theatrical presentations and film showings.
Charlotte Skene Catling from Skene Catling de la Pena
Maren Harnack delivered a presentation entitled "Learning from London. Social housing between private urban production and gentrification". Her presentation looked at the development of so-called machines for living from the world of social housing and traced how their significance has been transformed.
The venue used for ARCH+ features 17 was the Villa Elisabeth, next to the Elisabeth Church in central Berlin.
Anh-Linh Ngo, Charlotte Skene Catling, Marc Frohn and Maren Harnack.

All pictures courtesy of: David von Becker.
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