ARCH+ features 1: BAR architects
The Berlin-based BAR architects on what is in many respects a hybrid building in Oderberger Straße, Berlin.
The Berlin-based bureau is intensively involved with the relationship between the individual property and its urban environment and with the utilization of space. "In the sphere of action between spatial density and generosity, we seek structural patterns in which thresholds are defined as spaces of transition. These spaces of transition control both communication and withdrawal, and permit a sustainable degree of flexibility in terms of space and time. We endeavour to implement this principle both inside the home and also in terms of the relationship of the home with the urban environment.

Communication aspects exert a decisive influence on the architecture of the BAR architects: "By networking a building with both the inside and the outside, a hybrid building can be transformed into a local motor, an urban catalyst - even in a difficult location."
The launch event in October 2010 saw Berlin's BAR archtitects presenting their prize-winning development of a brownfield site in Oderberger Straße. Around 300 guests attended the first discussion at the HBC - the former Hungarian Institute of Culture on Berlin's famous Alexanderplatz.
Anh-Linh Ngo of the ARCH+ editorial team and Gabriele Siedle in conversation with visitors to the event.
(photos: David von Becker)
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