Park Hotel Vitznau
Location: Vitznau, Vierwaldstätter Lake, Switzerland

Electrical planning:
Electrical planning R. Mettler AG, Seewen, Switzerland
Electrical installation:
Frey + Cie. Elektro AG, Lucerne, Switzerland

Park Hotel Vitznau is in a breathtaking location between the Vierwaldstätter Lake and the Rigi massif. Steeped in years of tradition, the house was reopened in the spring of 2013 after a complete refurbishment. The 100-year old building now accommodates a luxury class suite hotel. The interior appointments of the Park Hotel are all about individuality: None of the 47 residential units, suites and junior suites is the same as another.
It goes without saying that the staff at the Park Hotel greet their guests in person. This means that the building communication system at the main entrance is restricted to the basic functions: Door loudspeaker, call button and access control. The hotel management opted to use Siedle Steel for all the door stations, inside and out. In the interior, Siedle adapted the communication system to the specific requirements of the hotel: with special status displays at the entrances to the suites and emergency call systems in the bathrooms.
Each of the suites has its own communication system. At the folding doors, uniform door stations made of chrome-plated stainless steel control access. The flush-mounted colour camera supplies a brilliant video image of any visitor waiting outside the door.
Siedle developed a particularly convenient function for entry into the suites: Green and red LEDs signal the relevant status: "Please make up room" or "Don’t disturb". The integrated room numbers and suite names guarantee the correct orientation, and can be changed if required at any time.
The Park Hotel Viznau management also requested a special feature in the bathrooms. Here, Siedle Steel is installed as an emergency call system if needed. The high gloss ground and polished walls in solid granite are reflected in the surface of the chrome-plated stainless steel panels.
"Emergency call": If the need arises, hotel staff be alerted immediately using a loudspeaker and a call button.
A Steel system in solid brushed stainless steel is also waiting to greet visitors arriving at the hotel's own private jetty. It secures access to the hotel grounds.
Design line Siedle Steel
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