Villas in Dubai
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Emirate of Dubai is home to one of the world's highest densities of superlative structures. Buildings of enormous proportions go up at an unbelievable speed, including artificially constructed groups of islands, the highest skyscraper, the world's most luxurious hotel.
These buildings all represent investments for the era after the crude oil has dried up. The planned future fountains of wealth will be trade, commerce, services and tourism. A second building movement is taking place in the shadows of this construction boom: Dubai is also home to an increasing number of private homes – for residents and for the stream of foreign guests involved in this tremendous construction achievement
The mansions going up in residential areas such as Jumeirah and Emirates Hills which are featured in our examples are generally individually designed. But still, most of them have something in common: the East-meets-West mix of styles reflected in their architecture, extremely generous dimensions and fixtures and fittings selected using the simple premise "only the best of everything".
These houses exude the aspiration to achieve perfection – from the overall planning down to the last detail. Siedle supplies exclusively systems with video surveillance to Dubai. In many cases, the video signal is fed into a TV channel, door communication is integrated into telephone systems, building automation and security systems are standard practice practically everywhere. Against this backdrop, the ability to fulfil the many and often quite specific requirements is key: and of course all dressed in a suitably prestigious product design
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