In Wiesbaden
Location: Wiesbaden

Architecture: Axial Architekten, Wiesbaden
Electrical installation: Elektro Glaß, Schlangenbad

A stringent concept of permeability and transparency lends this home in Wiesbaden's composer quarter a very special ambience. The building gives off a deliberately reserved impression to the street side, opening out fully onto the garden.
Architecture links the outside with the inside by creating flowing transitions. From the private area on the top floor, an open staircase sweeps to the atrium, and from there in a direct extension into the outside. The main floor opens out almost seamlessly with room-height glass fronts, sliding doors and a protected outside space towards the secluded garden. The terrace surface slides across the pool to close it in.
The design breaks with the unobtrusive styling of the main building to emphasize the entrance. The minimalist visual appeal, the deliberate elimination of separate elements and the excess width of the door open up the architecture towards the street.
The rough surface finish of the exposed concrete creates a clear contrast with the smooth, flawless surface of the door station made of solid brushed stainless steel, which is not interrupted by any visible means of fixture. The flush-mounted video camera and integrated access control system provide discreet security.
The architecture corresponds closely to the materials used for the interior fittings. The handsfree video telephone with its surface in solid brushed stainless steel underpins the purist simplicity of the interior fittings.

All images: Jürgen Arlt Photo Design, Wiesbaden.
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