Mansion on the Lesser Wannsee Lake
Location: Berlin

Architecture: Kleihues + Kleihues, Berlin
Electrical planning: Ingenieurfachbüro Rainer Knoop, Berlin
Electrical installation: RFT elkom, Brandenburg an der Havel

Nothing is left to chance: The door stations at the gate are arranged in perfect symmetry, fitting precisely between the grouting in the natural stone wall, and are painted the same colour as the entrance gates and fence. At the entrances to the building, the systems blend into the grid pattern of the facade and into the house colour scheme.
An entrance area designed to this degree of perfection is the result of careful planning.
It is based on two underlying conditions: First of all it requires a planner capable of defining his designs down to the last detail who is willing to address every conceivable available technical possibility.
Also essential is a communication system whose concept, design and manufacture offer the flexibility it takes to accommodate the design ideas and specifications of the architect.
Where these two essential factors coincide as successfully as they did in this property, which is home to a Berlin entrepreneurial family, what emerge are individual system applications whose design quality continues to surprise even us, the manufacturer, over and over again.
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