A refuge
Location: South Germany

Architecture: Karin Kaiser, Gaggenau
Electrical planning: Klaus Strobel, Gaggenau
Installation door communication: Siedle
System integration: KWD, Karlsruhe

A haven of escape: A business couple has created a home in the truest sense of the word. With the distance they need from their challenging workaday world and with plenty of space for the art they love to have around them.
The technology serves a clearly defined purpose: Effective functionality which remains discreetly in the background. This makes the exceptions to this rule all the more noticeable. Where technology is on show, it conforms to a cohesive styling and design purpose.

In the corridor, the video panel takes on the role of a design element. With its white painted surface, it provides the perfect companion to the minimal look and linear clarity of the architecture.
The building communication components are carefully selected additions to the internal and external architectural concept and fittings, which relate to the look and feel of the surrounding materials.

At the large gate and main entrance, burnished brass corresponds to the natural stone of the post and the facade.
At the entrance door, the system is part of a long recessed panel flush with the door. An unobtrusive design accent at first glance, this element is all the more effective on more detailed observation, adding its own unique charm to the entrance area by echoing the material of the bronze relief.
The living character of the burnished brass, which evolves naturally over time, is clearly visible in both locations. When captured on film, the systems had both been in operation for a number of years. They develop their own natural patina. Where the material has been freely exposed to the weather, a homogeneous darkening effect is in evidence. In contrast, the sheltered door station shows traces of varied intensity of use.
A more prestigious impact without compromising aesthetic appeal: At the large gate and main entrance, bespoke systems produced by the Steel Manufaktur department lend a characteristic face to the threshold. At the ancillary entrance and inside the gate, Siedle Vario is used.
To maintain a link to the original building structure, parts of the sandstone wall have been retained and integrated into their new surroundings.

Consistency coupled with outstanding functional value: All the entrances are interlinked and equipped with electronic or biometric access controls. This means that all the entrances can be opened using the same method, access rights are centrally managed and fingerprints only have to be read in once.
Even the summer house located around 100 metres away is integrated: Very handy for the owners, who do not always need to have a key to hand – and for the gardener, who has access authorization to enter here and through the gate, but not into the main house.
Access control is implemented throughout using code locks and the fingerprint reader. Both of these can be integrated in all the Siedle design lines. Shown here: Siedle Vario with dark grey micaceous iron ore paintwork finish (DB 703).
Echoing the design details, the building as a whole is characterized by successful interaction between warm, natural materials and crisp, linear contemporary styling.
Design line Siedle Steel
Design line Siedle Vario
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