Renovated town house
Location: Munich

Electrical installation: Comdata Elektro GmbH, Munich

One of Munich's most attractive doors is located in Maximilianstraße, one of the four most splendid examples of outstanding urban street planning dating back to the 19th Century. The street was designed by the architect Georg Friedrich Christian Bürklein, whose works also included Munich's historical main station. Maximilianstraße is a perfect blend of different style periods such as the Renaissance and Neogothic.
Renovation in the Maximilianstraße building is being performed with the utmost care. The same applies here: The multiple-storey town house was fundamentally restored a few years ago. The owner is now having the building communication exchanged.

The remit was to provide technology which would reflect the prestigious aspiration of the building while complying with its functional requirements. These include high-grade video transmission, integration of an access control system with smart functions and connection to the building automation system on the top floor.
At the prestigious main entrance is a communication system from the Siedle Classic design line, produced in solid burnished brass. Visitors request access using one of the call buttons. The occupants, the majority of them businesses, and the apartment residents on the top floor open the door using the integrated access control.
Differentiated access control was also required on the inside. In front of each of the offices and chambers, there is a system from the Siedle Vario design line, with loudspeaker, call buttons and electronic access control.
The pure white Vario systems with their superb design clarity blend perfectly into the tradition-steeped backdrop.
Everything in view: On the inside, the video panels with their large monitors indicate who is outside the door. If required, the video image can be shown at the display with the press of a button. This allows a discreet glance outside the door at any time.
Connection to the smart building control system: Using the DoorCom-IP interface, building communication from Siedle can be linked to smart control systems; in this case to a panel of the manufacturer Crestron.
Convenient control: The lift travels directly to the apartments on the top floors. In front of and inside the lift, a smart access control from the Siedle Vario design line controls the access. Anyone with a valid ID can travel directly up to their apartment.

The photo shows an application example.
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