Hohe Bleichen 10
Location: Hamburg

Architecture: Jacobsgaard Erkal Architekten, Hamburg
Electrical planning: Hanseatische Gesellschaft für Ingenieurwesen, Wedel
Electrical installation: Elektro Eckstein, Hamburg

The look of the building is dominated by the unusual use of materials. The facade itself with its windows to room height, but also the cladding with its movable sunshade slats, even the segments of the vertical sliding door to the car park – everything is made of glass.
Spot fixtures and filigree framework constructions take an optical back seat, allowing the full effect of the material to develop undisturbed. Depending on how the slats are positioned, the surface can appear reflective, opaque or transparent, even affording a view through the whole building.
The characteristic use of materials is carried on into the passageway, where the glazed surfaces are interrupted only by a door station in brushed stainless steel.
The dimensions of the stainless steel panel and arrangement of the letterboxes echo the breakdown of the facade. The loudspeaker grille is a variation on the same theme, as are the square cut-outs in the panel above, which also reflect the dimensions of the letterboxes.
For this cohesive design to be implemented in such detail, it was planned in close dialogue with the architects and produced to their precise specification.
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