Video panels
A video panel with a screen diagonal of 17.8 centimetres (7 inches) is the new standard model among the Siedle indoor call stations.
The characteristic features of the new bus video panel are the large-scale monitor and a touchscreen in the deluxe models. At the same time, the new monitor acts as an interface for operation of the standard model using the cross-shaped control element, and of the deluxe model using the touchscreen. The panels with touchscreen also use mechanical buttons for the primary functions of accepting calls and door release.

All the panels are fitted with a video memory and can be used to initiate switching functions, for example for controlling lighting or shading. The acoustic characteristics of the panel conform to the same high standards that Siedle imposes on all its products.

The panels have been designed on the basis of the construction principle which is characteristic of the Siedle brand and which combines a body made of black or white plastic with a panelling element. The panelling elements lend scope for variable design. They are made of aluminium or stainless steel which can be given a paintwork finish.

Alternatively, Siedle offers white and black matt painted panels in pure plastic. The display is made of back coloured glass and is integrated flush into the surface.
The bus video panels can be mounted on the wall or on a table-top.
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