Europa Center
Location: Berlin

Architecture: HPP Internationale Planungsgesellschaft, Berlin
Electrical planning and installation:
Elektro Fischer, Berlin

The Europa Center is one of Berlin's landmarks. The building complex, just a stone's throw from the Kurfürstendamm, makes its unmistakable mark on the cityscape, topped by the striking Mercedes star.
The 22-storey high-rise building is home to an interesting application for the Siedle display: Visitors choose their destination and the relevant number from the list of names. These are entered using the keypad, and the LCD indicates the name and storey of the selected resident as a counter check.
The porter in the central reception area is also able to call each resident directly, either using the numerical keypad or the internal name index of the display module. Inside and out, the display saves the need for several dozen call buttons.
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