Danner Crisis Centre
Location: Copenhagen

Architecture: Varmings Tegnestue, Copenhagen
Electrical planning: Strunge Jensen, Copenhagen

The Crisis Centre in the heart of Copenhagen offers a secure refuge to the female victims of violence. As part of a comprehensive refurbishment, not only was the original structure of the historic building restored, but to protect its clients an access control system with a high security standard was installed. Siedle was involved in the planning process for this project, which has been under way for several years, right from the beginning.
The entrance area was deliberately designed to create an impressive impact, and to be bright and friendly. At the reception area, staff control public traffic with the aid of a Siedle indoor station with video display. Enquiries received outside of opening hours are forwarded to the other part of the house. Employees and clients of the women's refuge are given their own electronic key.
When selecting the Siedle design line, listed building status aspects played a key role. Siedle adjusted the door stations individually to the proportions of the building. During the course of the renovation work, the old main entrance with its small forecourt was restored to is former glory.
At the main entrance and also at the side entrance, which is used primarily by the clients, flush mounted video door intercom systems are installed. The two garden gates are also secured by an audio door intercom system. The access control was integrated into the Siedle module using a technically complex process.
The Danner Crisis Centre was founded in the 1870s by the wife of King Frederik VII as an asylum providing "accommodation for poor working class women". Since the 1980s, it has been used as a Crisis Centre for women. During the extensive renovation work, the former visual and symmetrical axes of the building were restored. They form a cross-shaped pattern within the building with four doors: The main entrance, the side entrance and two entrances from the secured garden complex.
Design line Siedle Steel
Access control
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