Hotel Q
Location: Berlin

Architecture: GRAFT Architectural Bureau Berlin/Los Angeles (interior architecture), Planning Bureau Sagir, Bielefeld (building)

Hotel Q in the west of Berlin appears at first glance to be an unassuming new build with a grey rendered punctuated facade.
It is only after transferring their gaze to the glazed frontal entrance area that visitors will discover the unique signature of the building's architects.
The interior rooms of Hotel Q designed by GRAFT break with all conventional room design concepts. The familiar arrangement of lobby, reception, bar, lounge and restaurant melts away to create a wavelike topography in red linoleum. The ceiling, walls and floor merge to form an organic unity which is carried through consistently to the individual rooms.

At the threshold from the outside to the inside, the door station precision recessed into the glass facade is part of the Siedle Steel design line. Its function: to provide both orientation and access.
The stainless steel door station appears to hover unsupported in the air. It becomes part of the glass facade without the need of any additional frame or visible means of fastening.
Glass mounting
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