Laser lettering
Laser lettering is the new standard when it comes to the inscription of door stations with a metal surface. This high-tech process is perfectly matched to the material in question and offers numerous other benefits.
For Classic and Steel
Door stations in the Siedle Classic and Siedle Steel design lines are being laser marked. This laser method can be used anywhere where inscription is required: for characters and digits on call buttons and letterboxes as well as for other individual information such as house numbers and storey designations, street and company names, symbols, pictograms, and logos. In the case of Siedle Steel, the buttons for the code lock and the call display are also laser marked. Other inscriptions, such as engraving, can also still be provided on request.
A perfect match
Siedle offers the ideal laser method for almost every metal surface. On brushed stainless steel, high gloss chrome and brass look, inscriptions have a metallic gleam. On PVD-coatings, the inscriptions have an elegant, matt appearance, while on burnished brass, they bring out the natural brass shade. And on anodised aluminium, the laser inscription appears dark, preventing any reflections.

Painted and coloured anodised surfaces cannot be laser marked for technical reasons. In these cases, Siedle offers engraving as standard.
Completely individual
Special requests, from a company logo to a pictogram, can also be carried out with laser lettering – on a surface of up to 480 x 800 mm. Of course, Siedle checks individual requests that go beyond this. Laser lettering can also be added to existing door stations – by replacing the call buttons or the carrier plate.
Precision that lasts
Laser lettering offers many advantages. Thanks to its high contrast, it is generally easier to read than engraving. High quality and precision are a given. Laser technology ensures flush inscription that is abrasion and weather resistant. And as Siedle carries out laser lettering in-house, re-orders, of call buttons for example, can be supplied within 5 working days. Large-scale inscriptions, such as company names or logos are significantly cheaper with laser lettering than with engraving.
All inscription types at a glance
Alongside laser lettering, Siedle also offers engraving, engraving filled in black, and plastic buttons. You can see all the options for Siedle Classic and Siedle Steel with the Siedle lettering service:

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