Modernisation with the Siedle retrofit panel
Do you want to replace an old in-house telephone with a new one? Is the existing flush-mounted box too large for the new Siedle in-house telephone? Then cover the flush-mounted box with a Siedle retrofit panel.
In the video tutorial we show you how easy and quick it is.
Remove. Screw in place. And you’re done!
We are extending our range of products for modernising your system with new retrofit panels: The retrofit panels exactly cover the wall cut-out where old devices have left behind coloured edges, drill holes or a larger flush-mounted box. There is no need for any plastering or painting when you make the switch, and no further detrimental effects. Ordered along with the new devices, the retrofit panels can be fitted quickly and securely.
Outside: Siedle Vario retrofit panel
The Vario retrofit panel covers visible differences on the wall that may result from different frame sizes – such as when the plaster was directly applied to the old device housing or the colour of the wall has faded.

The Vario retrofit panel consists of a two-millimetre thick aluminium panel and is available in the paint finishes white, silver metallic, anthracite grey and micaceous dark grey. With a 20-millimetre masking surface all round – in addition to the dimensions of the Vario design line combination frame – the retrofit panel is available for single-column arrangements with a maximum of four modules or for a square arrangement with 2x2 modules. Individual paint finishes according to RAL are available on request and further sizes, e.g. for the KR 3/2-0 combination frame are possible. This retrofit panel is suitable for upgrading Vario systems with the following flush-mount housings GU 511, GU 512, GU 513, GU 514 and GU 524 to devices from the current 611 series.
Inside: Siedle in-house telephone retrofit panel
Siedle has designed this retrofit panel so that previous generation flush-mounted in-house telephones can be replaced: The galvanised sheet steel, which is a millimetre thick but robust thanks to its special form, is easily screwed onto the existing flush-mount box.

With dimensions of 150 x 282 mm, the retrofit panel is suitable for converting the flush-mounted deluxe model handsfree stations and the models 351, 511, 611 and 711 to the 811-series models – and to the new IQ in-house telephones for mobile door communication via the Siedle app.

The in-house telephone retrofit panel is available with a black or white paint finish.
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