Access standard video handsfree telephone
AFSV 870-0 W
Product detailsAccess Standard video handsfree telephone with colour monitor.
Ergonomically optimised design for easy operation, outstanding acoustics.
With the basic functions calling, speech, vision, door release and call barring.
Performance features:
• Display (8.8 cm) with brightness and colour saturation control
• Excellent speech reproduction and high volume
• LED status display: Incoming call, active call, muting, system status, error status
• Audio privacy device
• Muting and status display
• Call display on the speech button
• Two buttons can be freely configured
• Manual door connection even without a door call
• Input for storey call
• Speech and call volume in five stages
• Call differentiation between door calls, storey calls, and internal calls
• Central commissioning
• Can be updated via the Access system
Technical data
Operating voltage:PoE in accordance with 802.3af
Ambient temperature:+5 °C to +40 °C
Dimensions (mm) W x H x D:106 x 278 x 27
Article information
Article designationArticle descriptionColour/MaterialKGSAP article no.
AFSV 870-0 WAccess standard video handsfree telephoneWhiteD210008480-00
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