Simpler. More cost-effective.
Access 6.0
The proven Siedle system is now simpler and more cost effective: With its new licence model and together with the new IP indoor stations, Access 6.0 is mainly of interest for projects with numerous users – such as those with many residential units in which new Siedle IP indoor stations are installed.

The bigger the project, the greater the impact the new licence model has on the total price:
For example, the savings to be made on an Access project with 60 new audio and 60 video IP indoor stations is approx. 50 percent compared to the previous list price.

Simplified user licence model at a discount
• A basic licence (APR 670-0 B) is required to commission an Access 6 system. This includes use for the first 10 devices.
• Larger systems can be expanded as desired –in steps of 10 – with additional licences for 10 devices each (APR 670-0 10). At a heavily reduced price.
• Systems can be gradually extended in small steps – without price disadvantage.

The new IP indoor stations – with all basic functions and attractive price
• Access standard video handsfree telephone (AFSV 870-0)
• Access standard handsfree telephone (AFS 870-0)

> Details on the new IP indoor stations

New Access system software and operating system
• New server operating system: For Access 6 (Linux variant), the Debian Linux 10… server operating system is used.
• Access Professional 6.0 is now available.

> Download Access Professional 6.0 here

New Access server hardware
• The new compact servers replace the previous Access Server hardware.
• ASH 671-0 S server: Compact, passively-cooled desktop device (no wear parts). A component shelf must be provided by the customer for use in an IT cabinet.
• ASH 671-0 M server: Still designed for installation in a 19-inch rack – but with easier mounting (lower add-on height and depth, lower weight). All operating elements and connections are also accessed from the front.
More information

The new server operating system/Access Professional are regularly updated and maintained – including via the Internet – with regard to security and operation.

Access-Gateway ready
The new AGW 671-0 Access Gateway can only be used with Access 6. The previous Access Gateways AGW 670-0 and AGW 670-01 can be upgraded to Access 6 for a fee. This is processed via ASC. Important: Please note that Access 6 has been prepared for the new AGW 671-0 Access Gateway which will soon be available.
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