Exchanging the door station
Only exchange what really has to be replaced: The retrofit version of the Classic door station fits precisely over the flush mount housing of the TL 111 series.

The classic
Characterized by their distinctive loudspeaker grille, series TL 111 door loudspeakers have been installed millions of times over. After decades in use, eventually they reach the end of their service life.
The successor
A variant of the current Siedle Classic product line was developed specially for replacing series TL 111 door stations. Available with 1-6 bell buttons, with a front plate fitting precisely over the old screw mounting points.
The integrated housing, installed cable, line rectifiers and internal call stations remain intact.
Precisely engineered to fit exactly over the predecessor model for extreme mounting simplicity, putting an end to the need for time-consuming masonry work.
The intermediate solution
While the TL 111 was being phased out, combined systems took over to cover the interim period. Modules from the successor system Siedle Vario 511 (from 1981) were integrated into an adapter plate designed to fit on the flush-mounting housing of the TL 111.
This type of combined system can also easily be replaced by the Siedle Classic CL 111 exchange model.
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