On value retention and investment security
The factory service has maintained Siedle's expertise over many decades – looking after the investment made by our customers.
Replacement and exchange
Siedle products are highly durable and long-lasting, but they are not indestructible. At some time or another, repairs will be on the cards, spare parts will be needed. It is when this time comes that a manufacturer is put to the real test. Does the customer have to replace the whole system or only a defective part?
Siedle creates the conditions which will allow our products to go on being repaired for decades. Where this is no longer possible, up-to-date exchange devices are made available.

Even systems which are 30 or even 40 years old can usually be repaired. Siedle will always try to help and make available a replacement. But what is decisive here is not the individual spare part, but the retained value of the system as whole. For instance anyone with a 6+n system from the 1960s will be able to procure up-to-date telephones and door stations to fit.

The outlay, condition of the devices, fault constellation and failure frequency are decisive criteria whenever deciding to repair or exchange.

Siedle factory service
The Siedle factory service not only repairs, it also provides valuable advice to customers. Sometimes it makes more economic sense to switch to a new system than continuing to repair an old one. Even then, the existing housing and wiring systems can often be reused. We stock parts, and maintain the relevant capability and machines to ensure that spares can be supplied even after many years. Our factory services employees staff who have been on the Siedle payroll for more than 30 years. Their experience and expertise about devices which have long since been discontinued is an inexhaustible fountain of knowledge. All of this naturally comes at a price. But the outlay involved is worth while.

Siedle helps protect its customers' investments. And this is a good reason why the focus of attention should be not only on procurement cost, but also continuity. The real cost only becomes evident over years.
Products for exchange and modernization
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