Siedle Vario
The Vario system concept offers a number of possibilities for free-standing placement of letterbox systems: With standpipes or mounted on a communication pedestal as a support. In both variants, mail reception is integrated in a communication centre at the entrance.
Configuration examples
In combination with space-saving letterboxes, the space between the uprights is used to optimum effect. In the illustrated example, the joint casing is also used to accommodate the house number, an electronic door release, the call buttons and an info sign.
The communication pedestal places not only letterboxes but also door communication and all the other functional elements at precisely the right height. An LED light module in the base points the way and illuminates the access area.

Company sign, lighting, video surveillance, door communication, letterbox and an electrical socket – everything you could conceivably need in an entrance area – all combined in a single installation and located in the ideal ergonomic position.

For a high incidence of mail, for example to a company, the space-saving letterbox is also available in a 20 or 30 centimetre height version.

A communication centre shared by three parties, complete with illuminated house number, intercom unit, call buttons and info sign. The fourth letterbox space is taken by a delivery box which protects delivered items such as newspapers or bread deliveries.

Design line Siedle Vario
The Vario colours
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