Siedle Classic
Classic line letterbox systems are ideal for all those who appreciate solid metal but do not require the enormous design variability of Siedle Steel. Like all Siedle letterboxes, they can be combined with electrical functions to create the perfect reception centre at the threshold.
If needed, Classic letterboxes can be supplied with the handy Mail notification system.
Configuration examples
Pass-through letterbox
The mail drops into a shaft and is removed from inside the building.
The pass-through flap is made using the same two millimetre-thick material used for the front panel. Despite the use of solid material, the flap shuts with a gentle damping action, putting an end to annoying rattling.
Mail removal from the front
The alternative to the pass-through letterbox: removal from the front does not require breaking through the masonry. Meticulously considered design: Because the removal door opens not to the side but to the front, mail cannot fall onto the floor. The pass-through flap and removal door are made in the same solid material as the front panel.
The front panel made of two millimetre thick solid metal is the product of high-precision workmanship. It lends the letterbox systems their elegant, premium quality appeal. Despite their solid feel, the systems make a graceful and elegant impression. The housing disappears completely into the wall.
Alongside the standard surface finish in brushed stainless steel, Siedle Classic is available in other finishes.
From a single source, from a single mould:
The connection between letterbox and call button, the door intercom unit and video camera covers all the central functions at the house entrance.

Dark grey micaceous paintwork (DB 703)
Siedle Classic design line
Material and colours
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