The Siedle delivery box with app
The delivery box from Siedle permits convenient, safe reception of packages even when you are away. If the parcel carrier rings at the door, the door call is displayed with video image on the recipient's smartphone using the Siedle app. The recipient can see the carrier, can talk to him and unlock the box. The Siedle delivery box is individually planned and produced in Steel-Manufaktur. This includes a personal, individual consultation.

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At home. While out and about.
The recipient sees a video image of the parcel carrier and their parcel on their iPhone or iPad. They can speak to them and decide whether they want to unlock the box remotely at the touch of a button.
The camera shows whether the parcel carrier actually delivers the parcel and whether they close the door again. The box can also be unlocked several times in succession from a remote location. It keeps your deliveries safe and sound.

System requirements: Siedle Access and Siedle app
Keyless opening
On request, the delivery box can also be opened via fingerprint or keycode. Which means no more rummaging around for the right key. Thanks to the system integration, the keyless opening also works with the front door and the letterbox.

System requirements: Fingerprint reader and/or code lock, if necessary letterbox with electronic unlocking.
Functional and aesthetic integration
The delivery box is a component in the Siedle Steel design line and is integrated into the communication system. It is configured and produced to suit individual customer requirements.
For example, it can be combined with letterboxes, access control, lighting or lettering – as a complete system in housing or in various installation locations which suit the architectural environment.

> Application examples for download
Advice and service
The delivery box can be planned for a new door intercom system or retrofitted in a facade, an outbuilding, a gate system or a wall.
We reveal the possibilities and plan an individual system for you.

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> Application examples for download
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