Smart Gateway 2.0
Just scan the QR code, and you’re done! The new firmware makes installing the Siedle app child’s play. And there’s no complicated or security-critical network configuration work to do. The film will show you how easy it is to commission the Siedle app with the new firmware.
Ready, steady, app!

The Smart Gateway (SG 150) and Smart Gateway Professional (SG 650) now come with completely new firmware which is designed for Internet technology.
So now it is quick and easy to fulfil requests for mobile door communication via smartphone: The new firmware allows the Siedle app for iOS and Android to be commissioned in just a few seconds – no special knowledge needed.

It works like this: After installing and configuring the Smart Gateway, a QR code is generated on the administration interface. Scanning the code automatically connects the Smart Gateway and mobile end device. So the smartphone becomes a mobile indoor station for the door intercom system in no time at all.
Smart. Secure. Siedle.

The Siedle app has also been overhauled: The new Siedle app for iOS (as of iOS 11.4) and Android (as of Android 7) is based on the connection to the Siedle server located in Germany (according to ISO 27001). Communication is encrypted – both between the Smart Gateway and Siedle server and between the Siedle server and the Siedle app. So there is no personal data on the Siedle server that could be used by unauthorised persons.
Advantages at a glance
– Easy to set up the mobile app function without any special knowledge
– Less time and effort spent on commissioning as no special network configuration is needed to use the app
– App is available for smartphones with iOS or Android operating systems
– Siedle’s server is located in Germany
– Time-controlled deletion of images in the Smart Gateway video memory (compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR)
– App also works in networks with IPv6 network access
– Easier commissioning when connecting to a TC system
– Re-start the Smart Gateway via the Admin interface
– Use of the storey call input with Siedle Axiom

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