The entrance area on TV
Those of us who hate to be disturbed during their favourite TV show by a ring at the door can now stay sitting comfortably. Because now Siedle offers the opportunity to view the picture from the door camera straight on your TV screen. You can see who is standing at your front door from the comfort of your TV recliner.
As soon as there is a ring at the front door, the picture of your visitor appears automatically on the TV screen; Depending on the device, either as a full screen picture or as a window running alongside the program you are watching (PIP).
The communication and door release function is performed either by the indoor station of the intercom, or via a public network telephone connected over the DoorCom interface.

There is an additional interface mounted behind the input of your TV known as the bus video demodulator (BVD). This is installed in the switch cabinet, where it demodulates the video signal from the Siedle system data transmission.
The bus video demodulator supplies a neutral signal in FBAS format, which is used by many different video systems. Input as a TV channel is consequently one application possibility, but not the only one. For example the images from the Siedle cameras can also be fed into all types of surveillance systems and video monitors.
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