Landline telephone
The telephone is transformed into a door communication call station. Whether landline, wireless or mobile, Siedle DoorCom links the door with telecommunication.
The link between door and telephone
Imagine the scenario: A visitor rings on the doorbell, and inside a phone rings – the standard landline telephone. Instead of walking to the intercom, you answer just where you happen to be: on the terrace, in the garden, in the study, in the basement…
And when you are away from home, you answer a door call from your mobile.

Imagine the scenario: In the office building, every employee can be called directly from the door. The connection makes use of the existing telephone system and the telephones at the workstations – whether analogue, ISDN or VoIP.

Siedle DoorCom is connected at a standardized a/b port of the TC system. In the case of VoIP systems without analogue a/b port, the connection is established by a customary VoIP adapter. A list of tested adapters with configuration notes is available in the download area:
> VoIP adapter configuration reports
Free selection at the door: Siedle DoorCom connects the entrance door to the landline telephone – without any restrictions in the choice of door station. DoorCom works in conjunction with all Siedle product series. The only exception are the Compact Sets.
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