In-house telephone
Classical: With receiver
Pick up the receiver, speak, open the door, replace the receiver: Nothing could be simpler. Simplicity has benefits: In terms of intuitive operation. In terms of technology, eliminating the need for elaborate control electronics. And in terms of price – receiver telephones are less expensive than their handsfree equivalent.
Model overview
The basis of all good communication: The standard telephone signals door calls, distinguishing between the front and storey door, establishes a speech connection and switches the light. The call tone volume can be regulated from the outside and switched off completely (muting). Devices for bus installation additionally indicate the call signal by a flashing LED. Your electrical specialist will advise you on the different installation systems.
The deluxe models are designed to address more discerning requirements. Depending on the model, up to seven of your eight buttons can be assigned a maximum of 14 individual switching and control functions, turning the in-house telephone into a control centre – for example for a Doormatic, garage door or garden gate, lighting scenarios, connection of cameras and also internal calls or forwarding door calls.
Table-top version
All Siedle indoor stations are also available in a table-top version as an alternative to wall mounting. A support leg with connecting cable places them at just the right ergonomic height for gripping or pressing buttons.
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