Cohesive design instead of a piecemeal add-on approach
Today, an entrance is far more than just a front door. It can begin with the driveway and continue into the interior of the building. In-between there are countless possible functions and unlimited scope for individual design.
The system classic Siedle Vario provides more functions, more colours and more fields of application than any other system on the market.
The wide Siedle Vario spectrum provides infinite scope for adapting your entrance area to your specific design preferences - always in the certainty that everything will match and work together perfectly.
Simply more
Bell, button, intercom? Siedle Vario offers a whole world of added value - more functions, more colours and more fields of application:

Door station and LED light module in a surface-mount housing

The new surface-mount housing permits trouble-free installation of all components on the wall. Specifically in conjunction with the square LED modules, this facility allows the implementation of extremely elegant, power-saving lamps which create the perfect addition to the classic door station.
Receiving post
Communication pedestal with letterbox

Letterbox and door communication create an elegantly functional unit. The free-standing pedestal makes it independent of any wall or facade design - and leaves the insulation intact. This is an issue which is gaining increasingly in significance in the field of energy-optimized construction.
Access control
Slimline pedestal with fingerprint reader and LED spotlight

Unlike its more bulky sister model, the slimline pedestal with its low construction depth can be used very close to facades or placed in corners. Even used inside buildings, it provides an elegant way of placing LED modules or access control systems at the right ergonomic height.
Communication and light pedestals in a slimline version

The slimline pedestals place everything in just the right position: The video camera at eye level, buttons and fingerprint readers within easy reach. The LED light modules are placed so as to provide optimum illumination of the path with their characteristic round beam.
LED light module
Free-standing letterbox systems
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