Illumination and lettering
Siedle Steel offers several possibilities for combining lettering and illumination. The required lighting effect can ideally be adjusted in line with the surroundings and the overall system.
The LED spot can be targeted to illuminate specific details. Alongside the house number, these can be buttons, a code lock or other functional elements.
Like the spot, the surface area light throws side light which emphasizes edges and contours. It places not only the lettering but the whole system in the limelight. Generally speaking, its light is sufficient to illuminate the ground immediately in front. It can be used in locations with only minimal ambient light.
The illuminated information sign emphasizes the applied lettering, but leaves the remainder of the system unlit. This is the light source of choice to divert attention solely to the information and/or the system as a whole is adequately lit from other sources.
The information sign and surface area light are available in different dimensions. The light cone from the spot is around 10 centimetres wide. Siedle uses only energy-efficient long-life LEDs as lamps.
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