Siedle Classic – optimised
Greater flexibility and less risk: the components – the flush-mount housing and the function unit – for standardised systems in the Siedle Classic design line, with the brushed stainless steel surface finish, are now ordered separately. The advantages for electrical installation companies are clear.
The rough-in installation and the final installation are often carried out at different times. As electrical installers can now order the flush-mount housing separately, the valuable function unit no longer needs to be stored until the system is installed. The function unit is only ordered and quickly delivered once it is actually needed.

Electrical installers will benefit from the optimised ordering process in several ways: The cost-intensive part of the system no longer needs to be pre-financed. As the sensitive operating element is not delivered until it is needed, there is less risk of damage. And finally, quicker response times can be achieved by stocking the most common flush-mount housing.

Important: for standard systems, the flush-mount housing and function unit must now always be ordered separately – without any surcharge. For special systems, both components are ordered and supplied as one item, as before.
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