Location: Vitznau, Vierwaldstätter Lake, Switzerland

Electrical planning:
Electrical planning R. Mettler AG, Seewen, Switzerland
Electrical installation:
Frey + Cie. Elektro AG, Lucerne, Switzerland

The center for neurology & rehabilitation cereneo is located in an exposed position on the bank of the Vierwaldstätter Lake. It specializes in the care and rehabilitation of patients with brain injuries or disorders, also following strokes, and patients of Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions. The suites and bathrooms are barrier-free.
The cereneo is annexed to the Park Hotel Vitznau, which was reopened in 2013 following extensive refurbishment. The 100-year old building now accommodates a hotel and clinic. The guests are free to use all the facilities of the Park Hotel. The individually designed suites differ only in that they are equipped with adjustable beds and barrier-free bathrooms. Siedle has equipped the entrance with a door station made of solid stainless steel. Employees are identified by the integrated access control.

In the interior, Siedle adapted the communication system to the specific requirements of the hotel: with status displays at the entrances to the suites and emergency call systems in the bathrooms.
Protected access: Passage through to the clinic is reserved to staff, guests and their visitors. Using the flush-mounted video camera, employees can check who is standing at the door at any time. They are able to allow entry using an integrated access control. If the reception should ever be unmanned, visitors can announce their presence using a call button.
The entrances of the suites are also fitted with standardized door stations in chrome-plated stainless steel. Siedle developed a particularly convenient function for these: Green and red LEDs signal the relevant status: "Please make up room" or "Don’t disturb". The integrated room numbers and suite names guarantee the correct orientation, and can be changed if required at any time. The integrated access control permits rapid access at any time for authorized employees.
All the bathrooms of the cereneo afford barrier-free access. To guarantee the greatest possible degree of safety and security, both the cereneo and the hotel imposed specific requirements on the equipment. In each of the bathrooms, there is a Siedle Steel installed to act as an emergency call system. The high gloss ground and polished walls in solid granite are reflected in the surface of the chrome-plated stainless steel panels.
"Emergency call": If the need arises, hotel staff can be alerted immediately using a loudspeaker and a call button.
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