Electronic key
Ideal for children and everyone requiring quick, easy entry: Hold the electronic key close to the sensor to open the door. If an electronic key is ever mislaid, the code is simply deleted from the reader.
The electronic key works using passive transponder technology: The keys do not require batteries, making them functionally reliable, maintenance free and environmentally friendly.
Siedle Vario
As a Vario system module, the reading field of the electronic key can be combined with all other functions and freely positioned within the system. In darkness, the illuminated symbol guides the user safely to the reading field.
Siedle Classic
Blending perfectly into the characteristic look of the Classic system, the reading field features square cutouts with rounded corners in the surface made of solid metal.
Siedle Steel
In the Steel system, the reading field is part of the mounting level, made visible through cut-outs in the operating level.
The electronic keys are optionally available as a card in credit card format or as a key-ring. As they are passively operated, they do not require batteries, are maintenance-free, low in cost and environmentally friendly.
Design line Siedle Vario
Design line Siedle Steel
Material options
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