Application range
The Siedle access control adjusts to requirements in a number of upgrade stages, starting with control of a single door through to large building complexes whose different entrances can be configured and monitored by means of a web server.
Single operation
Used in isolation, the system controls one door. In a single-family home, for instance, this would be the entrance or the garage, while in commercial properties it could be the accesspoint to sensitive areas such as archives, laboratories or data processing rooms. Installation, mounting, commissioning and programming are simply performed by the installer and inexpensive for the user. The system is supplied ready for operation including a door release relay. In addition, it requires a power supply and door release connection (see illustration) - nothing more. Both are omitted if the access control is integrated in a Siedle communication system; in this case it uses the same installation. In a Vario system, it can be simply retrofitted provided the necessary module slot is available. Programming and user management require neither a PC nor any other tool, and can be performed simply by users themselves.
With Entrance controller: up to eight doors
Where requirements exceed simple control of a single door, the Entrance controller EC 602 is capable of networking up to eight doors. Typical fields of application include residential complexes with several entrances or commercial and office blocks of all kinds.
The Entrance controller carries out a match between the data bases of the networked units. Codes only have to be programmed once for all connected doors, and cards only need to be read in (or deleted again) once. The central user management system considerably simplifies management where several entrances are involved, particularly as it is performed with optimum convenience by means of software on a PC. Logging is also possible via the PC interface. Alongside the door, the controller also operates additional switching contacts if required by means of code, for instance the outside light, the alarm system or a silent alarm.
Unlike the door controller-IP, the Entrance controller does not establish a connection to an IP network. The connection to the PC is established via the serial or USB port by means of the programming interface.
The Entrance controller is capable of networking the Electronic Key transponder system and the numerical code lock, also in hybrid configurations.
Door controller IP: Extended functionality
The door controller IP upgrades the functionality of Siedle access control, extending its suitability to professional security applications. The Ethernet interface and integrated Webserver make this a universally applicable system, which remains manageable in respect of the price, work involved and complexity.
Typical fields of application include medium-sized companies requiring different time zones and graduated access entitlement levels for different user groups. The system allows, for instance, general access to all rooms to be afforded at any time to senior management members, while IT experts may enter the data processing room between 8.00 and 17.00 hours, and cleaning staff only from 17.00 to 18.00 hours. The system logs all events and keeps an automatic attendance list.
For areas involving stringent security restrictions, several access control systems may be used in combination. The door controller IP is capable of networking the Electronic Key transponder system and the numerical code lock, also in hybrid configurations.
Server software: Location-independent administration
A door controller IP manages up to eight doors. The server software lifts this restriction. By interlinking several door controller-IP or LAN units, it significantly extends the capacity and application spectrum. Several locations can be linked and managed jointly - also by remote access over the Internet. Using the server mode, there are practically no restrictions in terms of the number of locations, entrances, users, time profiles or the event memory.

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