Complying with specific customer requirements is like rising to a challenge.
Rainer Matuschke is head of custom production and of special mechanical construction. Whatever cannot be implemented using the standard product portfolio is made possible by him and his team.
Fulfilling wishes
Special construction is normally the result of non-standard requests. Examples include intercom systems mounted 2.40 metres in height which have to be operated from truck cabs, or letterboxes capable of holding double the volume of mail.

From special construction to standard
If there is frequent demand for a certain type of special construction, we take a closer look at market potential. A typical example here is the combination frame built onto the flush-mount housing of the Vario 511 series to create a new letterbox system from the current Vario 611 system. We produced this model for a long time in the Special Construction Department, and it has now become a standard product. We were very pleased about the level of demand, as maintaining and modernizing existing systems is part of sustainable business.

Are there limits?
Not everything is possible, even with special construction. If the operation or durability would be jeopardised, we have to decline. This is an advisory service which is part of customised production. Our sales force and our technical customer service department are made up of expert advisers who will guide the customer towards the optimum solution. In case of doubt, our Engineering department will check whether a request is technically feasible. Fulfilling customer requests is a question of ambition for us.
Modernization: Simple exchange of door stations and letterbox systems
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