Ageing welcome
One of our material finishes stands out from all the rest. Rather than remaining the same, it changes organically with the passing of time, bearing traces of its manufacture, its use, the surroundings and the environment. It is alive, it ages – maturing gracefully with each passing day.
Siedle considers and treats burnished metal as a living, changing material. Burnishing is carried out by hand, which is clearly evident even in the as-delivered status by its unevenly coloured surface. Depending on the treatment, surroundings and environmental influences, the material changes over the course of time. Frequently, it will darken and become more homogeneous, but can feature bright areas, stripes or stains, caused by phenomena such as water drips. Although these effects cannot be predicted in detail, they are desirable characteristics of this material. They do not impair the function or durability of the system.
How and over what period of time the material ages depends heavily on the ambient conditions. Sunlight, rain, damp or skin contact are all factors which exert an influence.
The effect can also be exacerbated by integration in masonry. When water is enriched with soluble minerals from the masonry, it leaves behind stains. A similar process is initiated when in contact with salty air close to the sea. Unsuitable cleaning and care agents or incorrect installation can have a particularly detrimental effect.
For cleaning, we recommend a soft cloth without the use of abrasives or solvents.

Tip: When using a code lock, the number combinations should be changed at regular intervals. Otherwise, over time a visible trace is left of the buttons which are most regularly pressed.
The pictures in the left-hand column show the condition when new, the photo at the top right shows a flush mounted system after several years outdoors.
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