Siedle Classic audio set
SET CLAB 850-1
Product detailsSiedle Classic audio set in bus technology with the functions calling, speech and door release.
Number of call buttons: 1-4

Scope of supply:
• Audio door station Siedle Classic: 1
• Audio indoor stations Siedle Basic: 1-4
• Set line rectifier: 1
Detailed specifications can be found in the product information.
Article information
Article designationArticle descriptionColour/MaterialKGSAP article no.
SET CLAB 850-1 E/WSiedle Classic audio setStainless steel/whiteA210010045-00
SET CLAB 850-2 E/WSiedle Classic audio setStainless steel/whiteA210010046-00
SET CLAB 850-3 E/WSiedle Classic audio setStainless steel/whiteA210010047-00
SET CLAB 850-4 E/WSiedle Classic audio setStainless steel/whiteA210010048-00
Article designationArticle descriptionColour/MaterialKGSAP article no.
ZDS/CLPilfer safeguardBlackD200034998-00
ZNSM/CL-02Metal Classic accessory nameplateOthersD200043063-00
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Spare parts
Article designationArticle descriptionColour/MaterialKGSAP article no.
AIB 150-...TerminalsBlueE200049391-00
CL 02 Siedle ClassicNameplate upper part call buttonClear glassE200029966-00
CL 02 Siedle ClassicComplete button without circuit boardOthersE200044537-00
CL 02-1 Siedle ClassicButton circuit boardOthersE200044533-00
CL 02-2 Siedle ClassicButton circuit boardOthersE200044534-00
CL 02-3 Siedle ClassicButton circuit boardOthersE200044535-00
CL 02-4 Siedle ClassicButton circuit boardOthersE200044536-00
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