Commitment to the environment
More than bare necessity
Siedle has environmental certification to > DIN EN ISO 14001. The careful use of resources is a constituent element of the integrated management system. Siedle has made its responsibility to the environment a self-imposed obligation and included in its > Corporate mission statement.

Sustainability and durability
The same benefits which make for a sound long-term customer investment also help to protect the environment. Siedle products are durable and reverse compatible. This means that existing systems can generally be repaired or retrofitted.
> More about durability and value retention

Innovation for the environment
Our aim is to manufacture energy-efficient products using minimal harmful substances and environmentally friendly methods:
– Siedle systems use only LED lamps which are particularly efficient and long-lived, and which contain no toxic mercury.
– Siedle uses innovative technologies such as primary switched-mode line rectifiers. Their power consumption lies well below that of conventional line rectifiers.
– Quality has a distinctive odour: Siedle does not use materials which emit substances harmful to health such as softeners. Paints evaporate completely prior to packaging. Siedle products are consequently free of typical solvent odours.
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Electricity from regenerative energy sources
Siedle purchases exclusively green electricity from regenerative energy sources which is certified in compliance with the EECS-GoO (European Energy Certificate System – Guarantee of Origin).

Energy management
Siedle operates an energy management system in compliance with DIN EN ISO 50001. By ensuring more efficient use of energy, Siedle is reducing its energy consumption in the long term and reducing its carbon emissions.

Siedle uses exclusively energy-saving, durable LEDs for its lighting systems (above).
Picture captions: Wolfgang Häcker (Triberg).
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