The company Siedle bears a high level of social responsibility for its employees, its location and its environment. It is a champion of job security, location security and social equality.

From the corporate mission statement
The company Siedle has always remained a family owned firm managed by family members. A policy which has served it well: An entrepreneur, particularly one tarred with the Siedle brush, is always that decisive bit more than just a manager. He thinks in terms of generations, not of quarterly reports, and a solid, steadfast foundation means more to him than quick profits.

Siedle is a family firm by conviction – and with convictions. These include the responsibility a company bears and which an entrepreneur has to live up to. Siedle views profit not as an end in itself but as a condition for successful entrepreneurship.
Its objectives are the independence of the company, securing jobs, maintaining its industrial location in Furtwangen and responsible treatment of the environment.

This approach may appear something of an old fashioned one, but Siedle has proven that a company which follows this path can stay in business not only over a very long period, but with enormous success.

The manufacturing family Siedle, around 1900

Entrepreneurial couple Horst and Gabriele Siedle
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