Siedle develops and produces exclusively in Furtwangen in the Black Forest. It is only by producing at our own founding location that we can be sure of achieving the optimum quality which distinguishes a Siedle product.
This is the reason we endeavour to keep as many processing stages as possible under our own direction. More than 80 per cent of value is added in-house at Siedle – an enormous contribution to quality assurance but also to safeguarding jobs.

Modern manufacture
It goes without saying that Siedle uses machines, automatic manufacturing technologies and production robots. Without them, using Germany as the company's manufacturing location would be simply uncompetitive. But as has always been the case, still today it is the skill and care of experienced, qualified employees which make the decisive difference between an average and an excellent product.

This becomes most clearly evident in the case of the exclusive Siedle Steel product line. State-of-the-art high-tech production machinery working together with traditional craftsmanship skills produces individual one-off pieces to an unbeatable standard of precision and workmanship.
Siedle Steel: Modern manufacture
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