Siedle has always made it a principle to invest in innovative key technologies ahead of their time. What distinguishes Siedle is its capacity for pioneering achievement and its willingness to break new ground – today just as much as two and a half centuries ago.
In 1935, Siedle launches its "Portavox", the first door loudspeaker. Together with an in-house telephone long since part of the company's product range, this creates a totally new concept: The door communication system. With this move, the company itself created the market on which was to concentrate its efforts in the future. Since the Portavox, Siedle has dedicated its entire inventive wealth to further perfecting its intercom system. Seventy years after it was invented, the door intercom system has achieved an amazing stage of refinement. Today, it forms the basis for a system which can do far more than communicate with visitors and release doors. The target Siedle has been striving to achieve has been the same since Portavox: Creating communication systems for every field of application which comply with the most stringent demands.
 1935: Portavox, the first door loudspeaker
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