ARCH+ features 24: Think Global – Build Social in Vienna
Architecture shapes the society in which it evolves, but has traditionally engaged only peripherally with global conflict situations such as migration of populations or slum creation.

Things are changing: Architects are increasingly planning projects designed to exert a lasting ecological and social impact; for people who are not themselves in a position to be home or building owners.
There is a selection on view at the Architecture Center in Vienna as part of the exhibition "Think Global, Build Social!". The exhibition curated by Andres Lepik opened with a symposium which formed part of the ARCH+ features event series.

In the film, Sonja Pisarik talks from the Architecture Center in Vienna about the design-build movement in Austria.
With the exhibition "Think Global, Build Social! – Construction for a better world" will be presenting different positions and concepts conveying a new understanding of the role architecture plays in society at the Architecture Center Vienna up until the end of June 2014. The exhibition opened with a whole-day symposium which saw the invited exhibitors reporting on their projects.

Shown here: Curator Andres Lepik.
Whether the discussion revolved around complex fields of intercultural competence at the Thai-Burmese border, as reported by Line Ramstad from Gyaw Gyaw, or hands-on social strategies for a caring city such as a house designed to accommodate both students and the homeless in Vienna, presented by Alexander Hagner of gaupenraub+/-) – the predominant issue was always the concrete contribution architecture can make to improving the life of the community. The selection of projects and initiatives clearly illustrates that the focus is not on sustainable social commitment alone, but also on architectural quality and smart, resource-saving solutions.
Following the Premier at the German Architecture Museum DAM in Frankfurt, this is the second port of call for this highly regarded exhibition.

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All pictures courtesy of: David von Becker
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