ARCH+ features 30: Monadnock
Job Floris and Sandor Naus are co-founders of the Dutch architectural bureau Monadnock. Floris publishes in art and architecture magazines, is a guest lecturer at various international universities and acts as consultant to the Academie voor Bouwkunst in Rotterdam. In the video, Floris analyses the consequences of focusing on celebrity architects, and calls for a return to the classical values of architecture: Beauty and quality.
The architectural design principles propounded by Monadnock are based on confrontation with the already existing. This is why their approach is to render the past visible.
The name of the bureau is a reference to the geological phenomenon of a hill or mountain that remains resistant after the disappearance by erosion of the surrounding material, and also to the Monadnock Building in Chicago. The renovation of the building was inspired by the architecture of its predecessors. In today's Monadnock Building, old and new architectural elements exist side by side, together recreating the story of the building's evolution.
The perception of architecture as a "discipline", in other words a field of knowledge, is a determining factor in the work of architects Job Floris and Sandor Naus. This knowledge is generated largely through the perception and depiction of history and modernity in architecture.
The two Dutch architects are committed to demonstrating permanence, cultivating knowledge and promoting sustainable training for architects.
Wilfried Kuehn of Kuehn Malevezzi, Berlin, and Job Floris went on to discuss the relevancy of existing knowledge. Where is knowledge generated? How is it integrated into the creative process? And how does this guiding principle affect the approach taken by the architectural bureau in concrete terms?
For the architects at Monadnock, it is the area surrounding the building plot, the existing peripheral building stock and the building of the past that impact on their planning and form the focus around which they build their design.
In their article for ARCH+ 214, Job Floris and Sandor Naus describe "the contemporary role of the architect as the producer of culture, the teller of stories, whose tone of voice generally denotes ambiguity and doubt and who has ambitions to do more than simply solve functional problems".
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