Arch+ features 28: Christian Kerez
The Zurich-based architect Christian Kerez is internationally renowned as a trend-setter. His buildings are important examples of structurally and conceptually striking architecture. Within the framework of the ARCH+ features, the Zurich-based architect afforded an insight into his mode of thinking and his design methods. Architecture theoretician Nikolai von Rosen chaired the event.
Christian Kerez sees each of his projects as a new experiment. Kerez turned his attention initially to photography, documenting buildings such as power stations in Graubünden, examining the inherent laws which lend buildings their expressive form. This is reflected in Kerez's designs. The Zurich-based architect initially sets out ground rules and uses these as a basis on which to develop individual, meaningful architectural designs.
As part of the ARCH+ features, Christian Kerez presented completed buildings and current projects in locations including Zurich, Muttenz, Prague, Sao Paulo, Zhengzhou and Lyon. Afterwards, Kerez and von Rosen discussed the projects with the attending architects. These included Arno Brandlhuber, Frank Barkow, Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge, Oda Pälmke, Marc Frohn, Matthew Griffin, Ilka Ruby, Laura Fogarasi-Ludloff, Jens Ludloff, Almut Ernst, Armand Grüntuch, Ute Frank, Donatella Fioretti and Jörg Stollmann.
Moderator Nikolai von Rosen
The event was held in cooperation with the Roundabout series initiated by Rainer Hehl at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences.

All pictures courtesy of: David von Becker.
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