ARCH+ features 47: Projekt Bauhaus
The event closed the discussion surrounding the Bauhaus Project question for the year 2015: "Can design change society?" Editor Anh-Linh Ngo of ARCH+ features introduced the topic.
Architect Philipp Oswalt of the Bauhaus Project coordination group presented the current issue of ARCH+, which is dedicated to the 2015 question of the year.
Jan Bovelet, who worked with Philipp Oswalt on the issue, explains aspects of the new communities as the current continuation of Bauhaus ideas.
Jesko Fezer is an architect, designer and professor at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. He is part of the Bauhaus Project coordination group and presented his thoughts on the question of the year within the framework of the event.
Following on from the presentations, the group entered into a joint discussion on the question of the extent to which design can change society: Here Laila Seebang and Anne Kockelkorn.
Anne Kockelkorn talking to Oliver Elser.

(All photos: David von Becker)
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