Door loudspeaker module telecommunication (discontinued)
TLM/TK 511-0 T

Product Details

Door loudspeaker module telecommunication (discontinued)
TLM/TK 511-0 T

Exchange of TLM 511-0, -01, -02 in existing systems
• Non-Siedle TC systems with and without PVG 402-0
• Existing Siedle duplex intercom system
• PVZ 322-…
• Zentravox systems with HTZ 351/361
• New Intercom-3000 systems
• Lift station LS 3000-… for SIC 3000 system
• Central call intercom systems
• Door connection of all Siedle TC systems with the relevant interfaces. Weather-proof door loudspeaker module with potential-free light current light button and illuminated light symbol as well as LEDs for engaged and speech functions.

Technical Data

Dimensions (mm) W x H x D: 93 x 93 x 20

Product information

Product designation Product description Colour/Material CG Article no.
TLM/TK 511-0 TDoor loudspeaker module telecommunication (discontinued)Titanium metallicD200015531-00