Siedle Touch 10 built-in
STE 10-0

Product Details

Siedle Touch 10 built-in
STE 10-0

Siedle Touch 10 built-in for integration in a façade. Control panel (25.7 cm/10.1") for door communication and access control in conjunction with the Siedle Vario bus.
Performance features:
• Language-independent user interface, intuitive to use
• Customisable display in idle status (e.g. illuminated building number)
• Information field, personalizable and supported by images if required (e.g. company logos, opening times, site plans)
• Display of status information (call, speech, door open)
• Integrated code lock, optionally with random number arrangement
• Calling via numeric keypad
• Siedle Touch built-in can be fitted in both portrait format as well as landscape format
Planning remarks: During planning, consider the weather and lighting conditions. Heavy rain, heat or direct sunlight can limit the use and legibility of the touchpanel. We therefore recommend a mounting and installation location that is as protected from the weather as possible.
Avoid direct sunlight/prolonged exposure to heat: If devices are exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time, the device’s surface temperature or the temperature inside the device may exceed the maximum permitted ambient temperature for operation and cause a device failure or damage to the device. Observe the permissible temperature range.
In regard to the on-site mounting situation (façade integration), ensure that the power dissipation (heat loss) occurring during operation can be adequately dissipated including depending on the ambient temperature.
Recommended mounting height approx. 1.40 m to centre of display (depending on the local/on-site requirements/conditions).
The Siedle Touch 10 built-in does not offer any dust or moisture protection at the rear.
Integration by the customer must ensure permanent protection (IP 54) against the effect of dust and moisture.

When mounting on the weather side of the building or in free-standing walls/columns, an additional rain protection must be provided on site.

Technical Data

Operating voltage: 48 V DC
Operating current: max. 500 mA (Current consumption in idle status: 350 mA)
Protection system: IP 65 (from the front), IK 08
Ambient temperature: –20 °C to +55 °C
Cut-out (mm) W x H: 238 x 165 (for horizontal integration)

Product information

Product designation Product description Colour/Material CG Article no.
STE 10-0Siedle Touch 10 built-in-D210009831-00