Siedle Touch 10
ST 10-01

Product Details

Siedle Touch 10
ST 10-01

Siedle Touch 10 for Siedle Steel. Control panel (25.7 cm/10.1") for door communication and access control in conjunction with the Siedle Vario bus.
Performance features:
• Language-independent user interface, intuitive to use
• Customisable display in idle status (e.g. illuminated building number)
• Information field, personalizable and supported by images if required (e.g. company logos, opening times, site plans)
• Display of status information (call, speech, door open)
• Integrated code lock, optionally with random number arrangement
• Calling via numeric keypad
• Siedle Touch 10 can be used in both portrait format as well as landscape format
Planning remarks: During planning, consider the weather and lighting conditions. Heavy rain, heat or direct sunlight can limit the use and legibility of the touchpanel. We therefore recommend a mounting and installation location that is as protected from the weather as possible.
Avoid direct sunlight/prolonged exposure to heat: If devices are exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time, the device’s surface temperature or the temperature inside the device may exceed the maximum permitted ambient temperature for operation and cause a device failure or damage to the device. Observe the permissible temperature range.
Recommended mounting height approx. 1.40 m to centre of display (depending on the local/on-site requirements/conditions).

Technical Data

Operating voltage: 20–48 V DC
Operating current: max. 700 mA (current consumption in idle state: 365 mA) at 30 V DC
Protection system: IP 65 (from the front), IK 08
Ambient temperature: –20 °C to +55 °C
Cut-out (mm) W x H: 238 x 165

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ST 10-01Siedle Touch 10-