Plaster trim
PB 611-3/3-0 RAL

Product Details

Plaster trim
PB 611-3/3-0 RAL

Plaster trim suitable for 3 BKV 611-3/1-… units positioned one above the other.

BKV 611-4/2-… and the BKV 611-3/3-… can also be used. The BKV 611-3/2-… replaces 2 BKV 611-3/1-… units and the BKV 611-3/3-… replaces 3 BKV 611-3/1-… units.

Technical Data

Dimensions (mm) W x H x D: 331 x 331 x 38

Product information

Product designation Product description Colour/Material CG Article no.
PB 611-3/3-0 RALPlaster trimRALD200927003-00