LED surface area light
LEDF 600-3/2-0

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LED surface area light
LEDF 600-3/2-0

LED surface area light for illumination of inscriptions and the door station, with integrated info sign for large-scale display of all types of information (such as street, company, logo).
No mounting frame required. For optimum inscription possibilities please use the Siedle lettering service.
A camera module may only be conditionally used under a LED surface area light. The intensity of the emitted light could impair the function of the camera. Depending on the pick-up angle of the camera, select the best distance from the lighting.
Depending on the contrast between the colour of the Vario door station, the colour of the applied lettering and the lighting conditions on site, at least four Vario system rows can be well lit underneath one LED surface area light.

Technical Data

Operating voltage: 20–30 V DC
Operating current: max. 260 mA
Colour temperature: 6000 K
Light intensity: 367 cd/klm
Luminous flux: 164 lm
Protection system: IP 54
Ambient temperature: –20 °C to +55 °C
Dimensions (mm) W x H x D: 299 x 199 x 50

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