DoorCom switching/remote control interface
DCSF 600-0

Product Details

DoorCom switching/remote control interface
DCSF 600-0

DoorCom switching and remote control interface, for use in DCA 612-… and DCA 650-…
• 3 potential-free freely programmable outputs e.g. for
– Decentral door release, light
– Secondary signal unit/timer-dependent video control (In-Home bus)
– Buttons or switches
– Selective door dialling using the 1+n system
– Monitor interfacing (direct assignment to the call inputs)
• 3 freely programmable inputs e.g. for:
• Code inputs to:
– Trip switching functions, door release/light via BSM/BSE/SFC in the Siedle system
– Video/light interfacing via BMM etc.
• Activation/deactivation of functions e.g. via the customer’s own time switch, such as
– Chain call, doormatic, concierge, day/night service etc.
• Dialling of call numbers to signal events with signal tones:
– Selective user call
– Calls to PBX extensions, public network or mobile phones
– Facility for combining code and call number functions

Technical Data

Operating current: max. 100 mA

Product information

Product designation Product description Colour/Material CG Article no.
DCSF 600-0DoorCom switching/remote control interface-D200030432-00